Customer management

Increase revenue with improved customer relationships

Develop strategies that boost revenue opportunities

Managing your customer relationships is one of the easiest, most effective methods to increase share of wallet, loyalty and retention among customers. Get a full view of your customers’ credit activity and behavior to predict fraudulent behavior and reduce risk or know when to maximize opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. We can help you learn more about:

Customer information and database management

Eliminating multiple customer databases can help you gain a single customer view, break down silos and improve data quality. Streamline your customer databases by employing our data and customer management systems to manage and cleanse data from multiple sources.

Relationship building

It’s always easier to cross-sell or up-sell a current client than it is to acquire or make a sale to a new one. Utilize customer notification services, credit activity reports and behavior data to build strong customer relationships and know when to approach existing customers with timely, personalized offers. Grow your portfolio and increase share of wallet with analytics tools that determine total customer value, better customer management and retention strategies.

Customer portfolio management

Identify trends in your portfolio and be notified when your customers receive offers from your competitors. Access Experian’s extensive up-to-date customer data and portfolio management applications to maximize your revenue, minimize your risk, make timely offers to retain existing accounts and employ stronger risk-reward decisions.


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Offer credit education to your customers

Generate cross-sell opportunities and promote customer satisfaction with Experian’s Credit EducatorSM service.

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