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The Best Credit Cards for Gas Purchases

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In much of the U.S., fuel is a necessary expense. Whether you have a long commute, use your car to help run your business or enjoy taking road trips, having a credit card with a high rewards rate on gas purchases can help you save money.

The best gas credit cards offer standout rewards on purchases made at gas stations, and many also offer other significant perks or bonus rewards on other everyday spending. Here are our top choices to consider.

Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a solid gas credit card, and can also be a great card for other spending categories.

The card offers 3% cash back on a category of your choice from a list the bank provides. That list includes gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores, and home improvement and furnishings. So if your spending changes over time, you can change your preferred category (once per month) to ensure you're still maximizing your rewards.

You'll also earn 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, plus 1% back on everything else. The primary drawback of the card is that your 3% and 2% bonus rewards are capped at $2,500 in combined spending each quarter; after that, you'll earn 1% cash back on those purchases.

When you first open your account, you can earn a $200 cash bonus if you spend $1,000 within the first 90 days. You'll also get an introductory 0% APR on new purchases for 12 billing cycles, which are roughly the same as months. After that, the ongoing variable APR is 13.99% to 23.99%.

The card doesn't charge an annual fee, so as long as you don't carry a balance and avoid other fees, you can rack up rewards at gas stations and on other purchases without any cost.

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi

The Costco Anywhere Visa® by Citi, one of our partners, provides one of the best rewards rates on gas purchases: 4% cash back on up to $7,000 spent annually on eligible gas purchases (1% after that).

You'll also earn 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel worldwide, 2% back on all other purchases at Costco and, and 1% back on everything else.

The card doesn't have a welcome offer for new cardholders, and you won't get an introductory 0% APR promotion either. While the card doesn't have an annual fee, approval requires a Costco membership, which costs at least $60 per year.

This card can be a solid option if you already have a Costco membership. If you don't have one, though, consider whether the $60 annual membership price tag is worth it for the extra cash back on gas purchases.

Citi® Double Cash Card - 18 month BT offer

Getting extra cash back, points or miles on gas purchases can be nice. But if you want a high rewards rate on gas and every other purchase you make, the Citi® Double Cash Card - 18 month BT offer, offered by our partner Citi, may be a good fit.

The card offers 1% cash back on every purchase you make, then another 1% back as you pay them off. The rewards program is unique, and it's one of the best rates you can get on every purchase.

There's no sign-up bonus on this card, but you will get an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers for 18 months, which is tough to beat (the regular APR is 13.99% to 23.99% variable once the intro period ends). You have to make your balance transfers within 4 months of opening your account, and there is a 3% balance transfer fee, with a $5 minimum.

This card doesn't charge an annual fee.

Credit One Bank® Platinum Rewards Visa

It's not easy to find a good rewards credit card if you have fair credit. Fortunately, the Credit One Bank® Platinum Rewards Visa is not only accessible to fair-credit borrowers, but it also offers some impressive gas rewards.

With it, you'll earn 5% cash back on the first $5,000 of eligible gas, grocery, internet, cable, satellite TV and mobile phone service purchases each year (then 1% back). The card also offers up to 10% more cash back from participating merchants, plus 1% back on all other purchases.

It's important to note that the card has a $95 annual fee. If you can max out the 5% category every year, though, that $250 will more than make up for the card's yearly cost.

Discover it® Secured

Getting a good rewards credit card may be difficult with fair credit, but it's even more so if your credit score is considered bad. The Discover it® Secured card offers 2% cash back on up to $1,000 spent quarterly at gas stations and restaurants combined. All other purchases will net you 1% back. The card issuer will also match all the cash back new cardholders earn during their first year with the card.

Although the card requires an upfront security deposit to get approved, it starts low ($200). Discover will automatically review your account after you've had the card for eight months to see if you can be transitioned to an unsecured account and get your deposit back. The card doesn't charge an annual fee.

How to Choose the Right Gas Credit Card for You

The best credit cards for gas purchases offer an excellent opportunity to earn more rewards on purchases you're already making. But each card is unique in its rewards rates, bonus categories and other perks.

Start your research by checking your credit score. Most of the best gas cards require good or excellent credit, so you'll want to make sure you have a good chance of approval before you apply. If your score is less than stellar, there are cards available. But depending on your situation, you may want to take some time to work on building your credit before you apply.

When you're ready to submit an application, shop around and compare multiple cards before you choose one. Think about your own spending habits and general preferences, and consider reviewing your past expenses to get an idea of which card would provide you with the most value in the long run.

As you go through this process, you can use Experian CreditMatch™ to get an idea of which cards you prequalify for based on your credit profile.

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